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It's been a while.

So today i told the person i KNOW I'm meant to be with Something that hurt them, and hurt me by hurting them.

I never meant to do what i did, but it wasn't cheating because he wasn't actually mine.
It hurt to know he was with her nearly every night but i went through it because i love him,
and i would go through all of it all over again for him. I just would not use a certain
someone to pretend with, because i had no feelings, and the fact i did it kills part of me
i know thats no excuse and all i can say is i'm sorry, but i haven't even looked at anyone in that way since.
If all these was for nothing it wont just hurt, I dont know what it will do to be honest, but i dont think i'll be ok.
I'm sorry, I really am so sorry, and if you could just hear me when i say I Love You, You'd know that,
It's always just been you.


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