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Fight off the Urge to tell her how you feel...It will only cause problems tonight.

Sometimes I want to stand right infront of you and tell you how i feel.
Everything. Completely.
And if you didn't listen or couldn't hear me, I'd speak louder, I'd shout, I'd scream until my lungs bled.
If You'd hear my words.
If you'd love me.
I know a part of you does, You might be better at lying to me than i know, but there are pieces of you i know better than anyone, and i know part of you loves me. Or Loved me once.
Even for the briefest of moments.
I dont tell you how i feel thought because it's mostly when we part and your with her, or when im alone, that i have so much to say.
I'll tell you one day.
But there is one thing I know for certain.

I will never be afraid to tell you, I Love You.

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Such beautiful words.

Tell him!

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