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Too young for babies and smokes
I've watched several 17 year olds act like they are married, i've seen kids younger than me get engaged, i know 13 year olds with babies, and all i can think is what is left for when we get older? and whats worse is if it happened to me i wouldn't even mind, thats when i know it's wrong, when your willing to just accept it and not try to make a difference. Truth be told though, it's how they did it in the old days.

I love Labyrinth, Because i know i'd do all that and more for my little brother, and my brothers would do all that and more for me.
David Bowie Dance magic makes things better. If only for a little while.

I smoked a whole cigarette today, It was so bad but so good. Andrew would beat me with a cash register if he saw, and i dont blame him, I need to stop, kids are way more important than a nicotine fix.

I need to start fixing, My room, my life, my home, my plans, My head.
He didn't come round tonight like usual, Infact he didn't even text me to say he wasn't. I was fine at first i just blocked it.
Now that im home though, i feel so very far from home and i can feel the distance so very very badly.
It hurts.