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Blessed Sunday
I got to have him to myself for a long time for once.

It was one of the best sundays in a long time.
She didn't come round at all, so it was just me and him until gone 8.
I thank the Deities for it, must have been loving me today.
We didn't do much, just normal stuff, i watched him sand down and spray paint his Lizard cage.
I know when he gets them, she'll be all over them, claiming their half hers, but for now i wont let her ruin my happiness.
I know he is with her tonight, but for once it's not annoying me, Because i had an awesome day with him, and i know that to her it would of been boring, the little things dont make her happy like they do me.
Plus tomorrow, i get him to myself, not in a selfish way, i dont mind sharing him with the world.
It's more I like it when it's just me and him because it's easier to think of things how they used to be, it feels more like the old days.
When it was just us and Nick, and the world was ahead of us, and we were young and crazy and full of life.
Back when we weren't afraid to feel things.
when it's just us theres more little things.
I love our time together.
Even if, we do, nothing.