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The Ebb of the Tide
Finally got diagnosed with Pcos.
Got a hospital appointment with a gynaecologist on the 29th of June.
It's a while away and i am nervous as hell, but maybe just maybe i'll get what i want.
Maybe for once i could feel comfortable in my skin.
Maybe even Pretty.

I got contraception while i was there, well a prescription, so far everywhere has been either shut or didn't it.
I chose the patch over the pill.
He seemed to take it weird, but i think it was more the way my frame of mine mistook his reaction.

Finally got out what i'd been dying to say.
I was right, we had kind of slowly been stopping? but not, it was unintentional, but subconsciouslly intentional.
He's been feeling kind of bad lately.
It's funny he feels bad for cheating on her, but not for what he's been doing to me.
I dont blame him.
Only because i love him.


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