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Looking Back.
Well it's been four years and what can I say for myself?...


Love comes to all kinds of people. Not just the pretty and skinny.
I ripped out my own heart more than once for the sake of my one true love but eventually I got my prince charming and he was more than worth the wait.
However, after a year of waiting for him to ditch his girlfriend, then another four months of waiting to be able to tell people he was mine, then a 3 year relationship that made people believe we were perfect.
I walked away. I really did.
The trouble with young love is just that. It's young.
Now I'm the first to stand up and say youth doesn't mean you're not intelligent or don't know what you want, but the hard truth I have learnt in my 21st year of life is that what we want when we are young is not set in stone. It comes and goes. What we want will change with us. It will grow into something we may not recognise.
I still love him and dear God I miss him.
I miss him with everything I have.
But I need to know who I am and right now I just really really don't.