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jkarnage's Journal

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I'm about 5.9 ft
I have bright red hair,
I have my lip, my nose, my belly button and my ears peirced twice.
I have two tattoos at the moment, I plan to get alot more done.
I'm currently at college studying art, Design and Photography, but i'm also training to be a tattoo artist.
Ironically i have a Phobia of needles.
I suffer from insomnia, and used to be anaemic.
I drink, i dont smoke but i used to, and i'm not into hardcore drugs or promiscous sex, lol not that i judge others for either of those, we are who we are.
I have alot of views and beliefs and even if i dont agree with other peoples, i dont force mine upon them.
I'm extremely random and crazy in the best senses.
I love getting to know people, i love talking and listening, Getting to know people feels like a mini adventure.
I like lots of random littles things, because to me it's all about the little things.
I hate Sexism, and for very good reasons.
I got alot of secrets and no i wont tell you them.
I can be really sarcastic, and i'm angry alot.